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Supplier: Blackburn

IT GOES BOTH WAYS IF YOU DO. High volume for big tires, high pressure for skinnies. Simple. The Airstick 2-stage is a durable aluminum pump with enough puff for mountain bike tires and enough pressure for road tubes too, thanks to the two-stage high pressure/high volume switch. Presta only though – what are we, eight years old and riding Huffys?

Aluminum Construction. A lightweight and tough material for extra durability.
Frame Mount. Even the best pump won't do you much good if you've left it in your sock drawer at home. This pump comes with a discreet frame mount that attaches under your water bottle cage.
2 Stage Tech. Goes both ways! Whether you ride on road, off-road or somewhere in between, the Airstick switches easily between high volume and high pressure to suit your pumping needs.

Features of the Blackburn AirStik 2Stage Pump:
Presta head only
High Volume or High Pressure
Includes frame mount
Dimensions in mm (L): 177 mm
Material: aluminium

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