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ED System

At the time the only professional cycling team in the Czech Republic which was named eD´systém ZVV. It was registered in 1996 as the first professional cycling team from Eastern Europe. The team was successful in many sport events both in its home country and abroad. Jiří Ženíšek lead the team during the whole active period.

The then equipment:

  • Time trial frames Sprinter R12
  • Road frames Cool RX a Cool R10
  • Track frame Magnetic T7

The cooperation of the DURATEC Company with the team started in 2004. Given a very good attitude and performance of the racers it was prolonged until 2006.

Duratec supplied all the charges of the team with frame sets (frame + fork). Every racer had a spare bike, a racing bike and a time-trial bike. The leader of the team Ján Svorada had three road bikes and a time-trial bike and for example Milan Kadlec had two road bikes, a time-trial bike and a track special. The work of team members wasn’t only based on marketing activities but an important step was also a feedback and evaluation of the racers. Since June 2005 Ján Svorada and Milan Kadlec seated an innovation – road frame Duratec – HEROINE CR1.

The actual foundation of the team dates back to 1974. The team achieved highly-valued victories in the Czech Championship, 8th place from the Olympic Games, 8th and 9th place in the World Championship. Performance of many cyclists who acted in theCzech Republic and now support the leading world professional teams also highlight the team. They are stage winners and winners of best riders jerseys in the Tour de France (German Jens Voigt), the Girodel Italia (Jan Hruška), the Vuelta Espaňa (Tomáš Konečný) and others as the World Champion in track - German Christian Lademann or Michal Hrazdíra.

Racers of the team in 2005 :

  • 01. CZE BENCIK Petr
  • 02. SVK BRONIS Roman
  • 03. SUI DIETZIGER Andreas
  • 04. CZE KADLEC Michal
  • 05. CZE KADLECMilan
  • 06. SUI KLAUS Marcel
  • 07. CZE KUPKA David
  • 08. CZE MARES Martin
  • 09. SUI PACHE Xavier
  • 10. CZE PRECECHTEL Michal
  • 11. CZE SOUKUP Josef
  • 12. SUI STALDER Florian
  • 13. CZE SVORADA Ján
  • 14. SVK VALACH Jan
  • 15. CZE VANA Jindrich
  • 16. CZE VRANA Kamil
  • 17. CZE ZERZAN Pavel