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SKC TUFO Prostějov

The Duratec Company formed a partnership with the Cyclist Sport Club in Prostějov which bring up cyclists. A Sports centre of the youth cyclists for the region of Olomoc and Zlín was founded in 1999.

The club focuses mainly on track and road cycling, MTB and after BMX classification into the Olympic Games it focuses even BMX. Famous personalities from recent cycling as Alois Kaňkovský, Pavel Zitta, Tomáš a Radek and others used to be the members of this club. Mgr. Vladimír Vačkář, a former track racer is in charge of coaching. Fifty-eight members are registered and its president is Petr Šrámek.

Duratec supplies the cyclists of SCM with the frame sets for road and track races.

Websites of the club:

Yearbook Club SKC Prostejovdownload (9MB).