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Jana Horáková

Czech National Team member in BMX and four times World Champion in BMX, World Champion in four-cross 

Born: 4 September 1983
Residency: Tišín, Prostějov district


  • Road bike Cool R14& Sh Ultegra
  • Duratec BMX Special
  • 4X: Torain C1 with modification to 4X

Selection of best achievements in seasons 1993-2012

  • 1993 – European BMX Champion, category G9
  • 1995 – European BMX Champion, category G12
  • 1998 – European BMX Champion category G15
  • 2001 – Silver medal at the European Championship BMX,  category JW
  • 2002 – Bronze medal from the World and European Campionship BMX, Junior Category
  • 2003 – World Champion BMX, Cruiser Category 19
  • 2003 – European Champion BMX, categories Elite and Cruiser 19
  • 2003 – Bronze medal from the European Championships in four-cross
  • 2004 – World Champion in four-cross
  • 2005 – 5th place European Championship BMX, 6th place World Championship BMX, 3rd place World Cup 4x, 1st place  Czech Republic Championship 4x
  • 2006 – 2nd place European Championship BMX, 4th place World Championship BMX, 1st place  Czech Republic Championship 4x
  • 2007 - 3rd place European Championship BMX, 4th place World Championship 4x, 1st place Czech Republic Championship 4x
  • 2008 – start at the Olympic Games in Beijing, China, 4th place BMX
  • 2009 – European championship BMX – 4th place, 4X World Cup – 5th place
  • 2009 – overall ranking: 3rd best rider in the world in BMX
  • 2010 – 2nd place World Championship in four-cross
  • 2011– 3rd place European Championship BMX, 5th place World Championship 4x
  • 2012 -  2nd place European championship BMX 


Duratec Company and Jana Horáková have made a cooperation contract lasting until the Olympic Games inLondonin 2012! Jana is fully equipped for all disciplines – bikes for BMX, Four-cross, training bike on the road. We are really looking forward to the cooperation and we strongly believe that we will see Jana winning the next medal.