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The most popular groupsets

Recommended groupset Price incl. tax Weight
ICC 3K tapered Sram Apex Mavic Aksium Ritchey Comp 51 808 Kč 8811g
ICC 3K tapered Sram Rival Mavic Aksium Ritchey Comp 63 576 Kč 8805g
ICC 3K tapered Sh 105 Mavic Aksium Ritchey Comp 67 351 Kč 8697g
ICC 3K tapered Sram Force Fulcrum 500 DB Ritchey WCS 74 421 Kč 8234g
ICC 3K tapered Sh Ultegra + CX50 Mavic Aksium Ritchey Comp 79 212 Kč 8625g
ICC 3K tapered Sh Ultegra + CX50 Fulcrum 500 DB Ritchey WCS 80 939 Kč 8447g
ICC 3K tapered Sh Ultegra + CX50 ZIPP 303 Ritchey WCS 121 388 Kč 7736g

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disc brakes

from 51 808 Kč
with groupset
ICC 3K tapered Sram Apex Mavic Aksium Ritchey Comp


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  • Mono Mono

    Frame colour

    • Arctic White
    • Attractive Green
    • Eclipse Black
    • Fire Red
    • Ultramarine Blue
    • Light Blue
    • Classic Yellow
    • Orange
    • Light Pink
    • 1512 Green-Yellow

    Logo colour

    • CA171 White
    • Attractive Green
    • CA172 Black
    • Fire Red
    • Ultramarine Blue
    • Light Blue
    • Classic Yellow
    • Orange
    • Light Pink
  • Colour of saddle

    • White
    • Black
  • Colour of tape

    • White
    • Black
  • Logo on frame

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Frame size

Basic Rider parameters

The smallest possible body height is 148cm The greatest possible body height is 210cm
The smallest possible weight is 40 kg The smallest possible weight is 40 kg The greatest possible weight is 150 kg The greatest possible weight is 150 kg

Rider profile

Describe yourself as a rider. This helps us with recommendations on appropriate components and setting a sitting position.


Health: You do not cycle for sport, but you love being out in nature and discover new things.

Hobby: Cycling means leisure to you. You do cycle to enjoy nature and keep yourself fit.

Sport: You do cycling for sport. When you are on the bike, you want to train yourself and compete with your friends.

Race: You are training seriously on your bike and sometimes compete at marathons and other races.

Professional: You want to win races at a high level, so being fast is the most important to you.


You are just starting to discover cycling for yourself.

You are just starting to discover cycling for yourself, but you do other sports on a regular basis.

You started cycling one or two years ago, and last year you did about 2000 km on your bike.

You spend lots of your time one you bike, which adds up to around 5000 km a year.

You have been cycling seriously for a long time and do 10 000 or more km a year.

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50 19,7 161-162 530 519 500 421 426 280 105 593 1011 45 72,2 762 384 528 71,0 74,5
51 20,1 163-165 535 525 510 421 426 280 105 594 1011 45 69,0 768 388 529 71,5 74,5
52 20,5 166-167 540 529 520 421 426 280 115 594 1011 45 69,0 777 386 539 71,5 74,0
53 20,9 168-170 545 534 530 421 426 282 125 595 1013 45 65,8 788 388 548 72,0 74,0
54 21,3 171-172 550 538 540 421 426 282 135 596 1013 45 65,8 797 385 558 72,0 73,5
55 21,7 173-175 555 543 550 421 426 282 145 601 1018 45 65,8 807 387 567 72,0 73,5
56 22,0 176-177 565 552 560 421 426 282 155 606 1023 45 62,5 817 394 578 72,5 73,5
57 22,4 178-180 575 561 570 421 426 282 165 611 1028 45 62,5 826 395 588 72,5 73,0
58 22,8 181-182 585 571 580 421 426 282 175 621 1038 45 62,5 836 402 598 72,5 73,0
59 23,2 183-185 595 582 590 421 426 285 185 631 1049 45 62,5 847 410 604 72,5 73,0
60 23,6 186-187 600 587 600 421 426 285 195 636 1054 45 62,5 856 412 614 72,5 73,0
61 24,0 188-190 605 592 610 421 426 285 205 641 1059 45 62,5 866 414 623 72,5 73,0
62 24,4 191-192 610 597 620 421 426 285 215 646 1064 45 62,5 876 417 633 72,5 73,0




Thank you for your interest in a customised bicycle built by us.

You can now either SAVE AS PDF which you can print out for yourself or you can. START AGAIN if you feel that the configuration needs to be changed. EMAIL US to allow us to look over your configuration and we can advise by calling you direct. ADD TO BASKET will confirm your order with us and we will contact you by telephone to confirm. Payment is made at the time of order. Thank you

Price for complete bike 0 Kč

Weight 1400g

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Your demand

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REBEL S8 disc brakes

Our cyclocross bike Rebel S8 is based on a frame made of 7020T6 aluminium alloy. A frame of very rigid design with specially shaped rear construction that absorbs the bumps of the terrain excellently. Light weight tubing of large diameter are used for the construction of the front triangle. Thanks to its concept, the frame displays great torsional rigidity, which significantly influences the transmission of the rider's force applied to the pedal during acceleration.

During manufacture each semi-finished item is carefully prepared on CNC machines, and after welding the welds are hand ground. After the frame has been repainted, the welds are solid and optically of highly compact. The variability of production makes it possible to modify the Rebel S8 model, both in terms of frame geometry and in technical details and requirements. Thanks to the highly individual approach to the change of geometry and the boom in junior cycling, we can prepare this frame even for young riders from sizes as small as 44 cm.

Standard equipment
replaceable hanger for derailleur, seat clamp, rear disc brake is post mount, headset, 1–1/8” FSA ORBIT IS, bottom bracket is BSA (width 68mm)

Extra version
holes for fixing bottle cage to seat or down tube according to wishes of the customer

Connecting dimensions
wheel diameter is 28", head tube diameter 45 mm (for connecting to front forks), diameter of seat post 27.2 mm, max. tyre width 35 mm.

Frame geometry
download the frame geometry table here

The cable stops are located on the top of the frame top tube so that a competitor can comfortably put his arm through the front triangle and carry the bike when running.

Looking at the connection of the frame top tube and the frame head, you can't help but notice the precision hand grinding of the weld. After the completion of a weld, it is ground by hand, which eliminates the weld's surface tension and gives a highly compact appearance. A conventional bead weld typical for robotic welding is not used in the case of Duratec frames - the tubes are welded together by high-quality penetration welding, which gives a very elegant join of great strength. 
Cable stopsCable stops
Disc brake mountDisc brake mount The rear disc brake is fixed to the frame using post mount system, and in the standard version the frame is prepared for rear disc of diameter 140 mm. The actual frame dropouts are made on a CNC milling centre. The advantage of this machining is that great precision of the milled components is achieved. This technology also ensures a very high-quality surface of the milled parts, a very clean cut and a very pure high-tech designer look. 

The front derailleur is clamped in place. Depending on the choice of cranks and corresponding front derailleur, we prepare a cable stop weld-on for top running of the cable to the derailleur and/or a weld-on with pulley for bottom-pull derailing. You can find more components and possibilities of configurations on the page Configuration.

The detail displays Shimano Ultegra cranks, 50-34 tooth cranksets.

Detail of cranksetDetail of crankset
Disc brake mountDisc brake mount The front brake is attached using the Int. Standard system. Diameter of front disc 160 mm. Forks are full carbon with post diameter 1-1/8".  Fork manufacturers are highly flexible, and the market now offers forks with conical post 1-1/8"-1-1/2". As manufacturers we can also supply and adapt the frame head to this requirement if requested.
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