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Terms and Conditions

Duratec Ltd. Terms and conditions

Dear customers,
hereafter you will find information which is crucial for making a deal between you, the buyers and us, the Duratec company

Basic information about the seller:
The operator of e-shop at www.duratec.cz and www.duratec.eu is the Duratec company Ltd.

Duratec, Ltd.
Čemínská 17
330 33 Město Touškov
Company Identification No.: 25209493
VAT No.: CZ25209493 
Registered in Trade register of the Regional Court in Pilsen, file number C 8816

Contact information: 
tel.: +420 377 243 512 
fax: +420 377 921 377 
e-mail: duratec@duratec.cz

Bank details:
IBAN: CZ03 5500 0000 0006 3977 2001
The Duratec Company Ltd. is a registered payer of VAT.
All prices stated at www.duratec.cz and www.duratec.eu are final sales prices including VAT. 

1. Order and information processing

All orders made via e-shop at www.duratec.cz and www.duratec.eu are considered firm. If the goods are ordered for a price stated on our websites, we are not allowed to change it without your consent and we are obliged to execute your order for this purchase price. However, it is crucial that we confirm such an order. Thus, the order does not become firm until we confirm it either by phone or by e-mail. An automatically generated e-mail confirming the receipt of order only affirms that your order has been accepted and is to be executed.

When sending the order, the buyer agrees with our terms and conditions. He also agrees that the seller-Duratec Ltd. processes the data gained from the order form for their use, particularly for executing the order and dispatching the shipment. All activities related to personal data processing are completely in accordance with conditions given by legislation – Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council and Act 101/2000 Coll. as amended by subsequent legislation. On no account do we provide our customers‘ personal information to a third party unless it is related to the purposes to which the information was given to the Duratec Company Ltd. (e.g. giving information about the delivery address to a carrier).

2. Delivery terms

The exact delivery term is set after the order specification. Subsequently, the order has to be confirmed by the customer. We generally deliver all frames 4 weeks after the confirmation of an order. In the period from March to June can be extended delivery times due season. Whole carbon frames are confirmed individually, depending on our manufacturing capacity.

3. Choosing payment and delivery methods

Manufacturing company Duratec, Ltd manages the production exactly in accordance with awarded contracts. Each frame is an original and it enters the production with the name of its customer. Because of this, if the frame is distinctive e.g. by size according to FOG system, by signature  - customer’s logo on the frame, by geometry, demand for casting or weld, a deposit in the amount of frame price is required. It is not necessary to pay a deposit on other components, if they are standard and are commonly sold by the Duratec Company Ltd. Received deposit is deduced from the final price of the order. The final price is confirmed on your order. Deposit payment - minimal 50% after your order. By bank transfer within 5 days from the date of order confirmation stated on the invoice or personally during the order.

Supplementary payment for the bike – final invoicing
By transfer prior to dispatching, in cash during personal collection or cash on delivery when the item is sent via parcel service of Geis Parcel CZ, GLS or Czech Post.

Delivery in the Czech Republic
Order the item in a standard way, choose the Czech Republic when filling in the order form and select one of the offered options of parcel services of Geis Parcel CZ, GLS or Czech Post.

Delivery in Slovakia 
Order the item in a standard way when filling in the order form and write Slovak Republic in the STATE box. The following process depends on your choice of transport method. Delivering goods in the Slovak Republic by parcel of one of parcel services Geis Parcel CZ, GLS or Czech Post, delivery takes 3-5 day, payment in advance by transfer to our account at RB a.s. It is possible to pay both by CZK and EUR (you can see the current price in EUR by clicking on English version).

Delivery to other countries 
You can order the goods in a standard way. Choose the corresponding country when filling in the order form and select one of the offered options of parcel services of Geis Parcel CZ, GLS or Czech Post.

4. Warranty and warranty claim code
There is a warranty of 24 months on our goods starting on the day the product was sold. The length of Duratec products warranty is stated in Warranty Certificate

Warranty conditions for DURATEC products - Warranty Certificate  
The Duratec Company provides a warranty on the bought frame.  The length of the warranty is stated in this Warranty Certificate. Potential defects that have occurred on the frame and which were caused by the fault of material, its processing, surface finish fault or producer‘s incorrect assembling will be removed on the costs of the our company during this warranty. Repairing, changing, or adjusting the wrong part will sort out warranty claims of defects that are of reparable character. It is not possible to change or return the product at this stage. Warranty claims of irreparable defect character will be sorted out by product replacement. Only the manufacturer can assess the character of the defect. The customer will be able to use the product properly after its repair or replacement; therefore it is not possible to give him a discount from the price of the product. Assessing of the warranty claim and its execution goes only with the manufacturer. This warranty does not cover breakages and defects caused by negligent or excessive use of the frame, accident, and repairs made by unauthorised personnel or unsuitable maintenance operations of the frame. It is necessary to follow the instructions stated in the manual of warranty certificate when using the product. Not respecting the manual is the breach of warranty conditions. In case of warranty application, follow the warranty claim code.

Warranty claim code 
In case of warranty claim, clean the claimed product and take off all the components. To accept the warranty, the following criteria have to be fulfilled:  

1. Present the original warranty certificate – part A,
2. Produce the proof of purchase
3. Ensure the registration of warranty certificate - part B  (see notification).

It is not possible to claim the warranty without these documents!  Claim the warranty at the seller through which you bought the product. Subsequent assessing of the warranty claim and its execution goes only with the manufacturer.

After purchasing the product, send filled part B of warranty certificate that will be certificated by the producer to the address of Duratec Ltd. stated on the title page! You will register the product at the producer by sending part B of warranty certificate. Warranty certificate is always a part of frame delivery or complete bike delivery.

Claim of damaged shipment 
If the shipment was damaged mechanically during transport, do not accept it and write your complaint into the transportation list of the carrier. If the problem occurred after your signing of the transportation list, contact the delivery company immediately and write up a damage document .It is necessary to hand this information to the carrier within 24 hours from the delivery. It is up to the carrier whether he accepts the claim or not. 

Claim of the product
Claim of a Duratec product, i.e. bicycle frame is subject to the statues of the Duratec Company Ltd., which are warranty conditions and warranty code. A filled in claim form which you can download from these websites in Download section has to be always be attached to the claimed frame.

6. Consumer protection 
Especially purchase contracts concluded at a distance with the buyer on one side and the seller ot second side serve as consumer’s contracts according to § 52 sec. 1 of the Civil Code and regulation 97/7/ES.  Since shopping takes place online at www.duratec.cz and www.duratec.eu, § 53 sec. 5 and 6 of the Civil Code is applied in addition which means that the consumer is protected more significantly, notably according to § 55 sec. 3 of the Civil Code. All provisions in doubts have to be interpreted in the benefit of the consumer.

Next, according to the aforementioned the buyer agrees that the subject of the purchase is definite enough; the draft of the contract does not contain any unfair regulations and takes consumer protection into consideration. Act No.  634/1992 Coll. about consumer protection defines other duties of the seller, particularly information duty, verity of this information and duty to instruct the buyer according to § 53/5,6 and 8 of the Civil Code.

7. Withdrawing from the contract 
In case of consumer e-contracts, § 53 sec. 6 and 7 are applied. According to this, the consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days after the acceptance of performance without giving any reason. Next, the right to withdraw from the contract does not apply to the goods stated in §53 sec. 8 (tailor-made bicycles and tailored clothes).

When using the right to withdraw from the contract, the buyer is bound to inform the seller – Duratec Ltd. about this fact. He can do so electronically at duratec@duratec.cz or in written at the company address. When withdrawing from the contract, it is necessary to state the order number (variable symbol), date of purchase and produce the original of the proof of purchase. Next, he the buyer is bound to pay all costs for sending goods and package charges to the seller. The seller Duratec Ltd. is entitled, according to § 415 and next, to deduce the above-mentioned costs from the purchase price that he has to pay back. The due date of this refund to the buyer is 30 days from the date when the goods were delivered back to the seller Duratec Ltd. The returned goods must not be damaged, must not bear signs of use (the goods were not mounted, used, worn) and has to be returned in the original package (including the etiquettes and tags which must not be removed from the goods).

Next, § 53 sec. 8 applies (tailor-made bicycles and tailored clothes). 
On no account should you send the goods cash on delivery – it will not be accepted and you will prolong the execution time. Not announced shipments will not be accepted!

8. Final provisions
These terms and conditions are in force for all purchase contracts concluded between the seller Duratec Ltd and the customer.  The seller Duratec Ltd reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions. The amended terms and conditions will be announced in a proper way on the websites www.duratec.cz and www.duratec.eu.


I. General regulations
Terms and conditions published at www.duratec.cz and www.duratec.eu are in accordance with existing legal regulations. The sources of legal regulations have been stated sufficiently. By sending the order the buyer confirms that he has familiarized himself sufficiently with these regulations and that he has no objections to them. You can find further details about shopping and payment in our terms and conditions. These terms and conditions take precedence over non-mandatory legal regulations. Provided that something is not amended in our terms and conditions, one of the sources is the Civil Code 40/196 Coll. as subsequently amended, especially the regulations concerning legal acts and contracts of purchase. 

The costs incurred on communication at a distance fall to the consumer. 
All activities concerning personal information processing entirely meet requirements given by the legislation, namely by Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council and Act 101/2000 Coll. as subsequently amended.

Information and legends at catalogue items are generated from the sources given by the importers. The Duratec Company. On no account is the Duratec Company responsible for the technical and factual incorrectness of this information. 
Next, our company bears no responsibility for the loss caused by giving inaccurate information concerning our products. The stated prices of the goods are firm until different offers and prices are given on the websites of the Duratec Company Ltd.

II. Copyright

These websites, all their parts, pictures of the products, technical descriptions, design of the websites, graphic design of the system, the given terms and conditions and domains www.duratec.cz and www.duratec.eu are our intellectual property and must not be in any case copied or otherwise used without our consent. 
In case of violation of this legal clause you take a risk according to Act 121/2000 Coll. 
Please note that once we are convinced that the aforementioned regulation has been violated, we will definitely use our rights!

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