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Duratec provides customer service for frames and complete bikes of Duratec brand. Bikes and fames to be serviced must be washed and clean. Otherwise, we will have to clean the parts to be serviced ourselves and charge a fee for cleaning and washing – (see the price list).

Bike alignment outside DC 
After buying a complete bike you can have it regularly serviced in any bike service in your area or you can address to our bike service. The warranty of the bike is not conditioned by the authorised service.

Bike alignment in DC
Because of time it is more advantageous for both sides to make an appointment for bike alignment by phone and thus arrange a specific date of visit. This way you will avoid waiting at handing over your bike. Not only the date of handing over your bike or frame into the service, but also the required operations and eventual demands for the supply of new components will be agreed during the phone call. You will also be informed of the preliminary date of bike collection. If you bring a bike for alignment without a previous telephone order, servicing will be done in accordance with the occupancy of the servicing department approximately within 1 week.

Servicing of DC frame
The Duratec Company provides complete servicing of frames i.e. removing the original varnish, checking the frame under the varnish, new finish including a logo under the varnish. At older frames it is possible to change the headset, repair rear forks chipped by the chain or weld the parts flaked by stones etc. Frames with inner lining of cables must have Teflon hoses changed at complete servicing. The fees for this change are charged according to the current price list.

More extensive repairs like changing the tube of the frame are solved individually in accordance with the technical possibilities of the manufacturer. See the list of repairs including the stated price in the price list in download section.

The time needed to execute repairs and adjustments is individual and also depends on the current occupancy of the production. A common process of re-varnishing takes approximately 6-8 weeks. The service of frames is freer in winter months and the terms of servicing are shorter. Therefore, we recommend you to have your frames serviced during the months of October to January.

Servicing procedure
Wrap the dismantled and cleaned frame together with filled-in servicing form (see download section) and send it to our address or bring it personally: DURATEC, Ltd., SERVICING DEPARTMENT, Čemínská 17, 330 33 Město Touškov. It is necessary that you complete all information in the servicing form – contact, serial number of the frame, required servicing and a new design in case of re-varnishing. The moment the frame reaches our manufacturing company it is checked and the customer is contacted in case of any doubts in order to specify the required servicing.

Warranty claim
The goods and components are warranted for 24 months from the date of purchase.

The length of the warranty for Duratec products i.e. bike frames is stated in the Warranty Certificate. Together with you frame you will receive a WARRANTY CERTIFICATE in which the warranty is confirmed. To claim the goods, fill in the warranty claim form (see download section) and deliver it to our address together with the proof of purchase and the goods to be claimed. You will be informed of the status of the claim by our servicing department.

Conditions of guaranteed for Duratec products
The Duratec Company gives a warranty to the purchased frames. The length of the warranty is stated in the Warranty Certificate. Possible defects occurring on the frame which were caused by the defect of material, its processing, finishing defect or improper assembly caused by the producer will be removed at the expenses of the manufacturer during this warranty. Reparation, exchanging or alignment of the wrong part will solve warranty claim of a reparable nature, not by exchanging or giving the product back. Exchanging the product is the solution of warranty claims that have a nature of irremovable defect. Only the manufacturer will assess the nature of the defect. The customer will be able to use the product properly after its reparation or exchange; therefore, it is not possible to give a discount on the product. Assessing of the warranty claim and its execution goes only with the manufacturer. This warranty does not cover breakages and defects caused by negligent or excessive use of the frame, accident, and repairs made by unauthorised personnel or interventions into the construction of the frame. It is necessary to follow the instructions stated in the manual of warranty certificate when using the product. Not respecting the manual is the violation of warranty conditions. In case of warranty application, follow these instructions:

  •  present/send the claimed product clean/washed
  •  present/document the certified warranty certificate part A 
  •  present/document the proof of purchase
  •  present/send the filled in claim form

Other conditions:

  •  upon purchase, register part B of your Warranty Certificate at the manufacturer 
  •  use the bike only for the intended purpose 
  •  the warranty expires at damages of product which were not caused by the manufacturer but by the user (unauthorised intervention,  extreme or improper use, insufficient maintenance, wrong storing etc) 
  •  the length of the warranty is stated in the Warranty Certificate –a claim is possible only if the goods are under the warranty period 
  •  the warranty applies only to technical, manufacturing or material defects
  •  the warranty does not apply to the damage caused by a fall, shock or scrape; the frame or fork warranty expires by removing the original varnish or its re-varnishing with a different varnish; never fasten suspension fork to frames intended for rigid forks; never fix the frame with a fork of a higher lift than the original one – such a change could lead to disproportionate tension to a frame which could result in its cracking with serious consequences
  •  please make sure that if you claim the frame at the saddle tube, always present this frame together with the saddle tube

If the manufacturer accepts the claim, it will be executed within 30 days from the day it was delivered to the manufacturer. You will be informed of the way the claim will be executed during the process of its execution. If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to call our servicing department.

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