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How to buy

Dear customers, cyclists

If you are browsing our websites and thinking about buying a new bicycle, you have several options how to do it. The first one is dialling + 420 377 243 512 or + 420 603 217 379 to make an appointment for a consultation and come personally to our firm. Our address is: Duratec, s.r.o. Čemínská 17, 330 33 Město Touškov (about10 km from Plzeň). If you are from far away and you don’t feel like travelling a great distance to get the bike of your dreams, there is a much better option – designing and buying your bike online with Bike Designer.

Those of you who come right to our premises – take a look at our websites including Bike Designer as well because the process of ordering is the same as at online order. The difference is that we are going to aim you technically to your target. We will optimise the choice of parts according to your riding style, give you advice concerning the frame size, we will show you the actual colour and finish the order with you.

Those of you, who want to order your bike with the help of Bike Designer, follow our instructions and manual:

  • Choose the bike model according to your demands; each product site contains a short description including the characteristics of use, sets and weight description. You can get a comprehensive overview of information including connecting dimensions, standard gear and detailed photos at the product site of each model

Bike Designer

  • Start the configuration by clicking the BIKE CONFIGURATION or FRAME CONFIGURATION button depending on whether you are considering buying a complete bike or a frame set. The fist configuration step will start upon clicking the corresponding button.
  • Bike Designer consists of five steps that lead to designing and creating the bike of your dreams. 

1.COLOUR: Choose the frame colour or combination of colours on the left side panel. You can view and choose favourite design combinations in the bottom bar. You can choose a frame logo and its design in the right side panel. As soon as you tune up the colour of your bike according to your wishes move on to the next step.

2. BODY: Before entering this site you are asked once more if you wish to choose a bike online i.e. on this website or if you consider the possibility to come personally to our firm. The Body height is crucial to set the right size and sitting position, so be careful when entering the data to avoid mistyped characters or mistakes. Enter your height, weight and shoe size in the upper right corner. Then statistic figures of average population will be displayed and you can either re-measure the single dimensions B,C,D,E,F or  only confirm the agreement with their acceptance. We recommend re-measuring at least the figure of crutch height marked as C. When re-measuring this dimension, follow the instructions. Then, enter the figure in the corresponding box. Do use the help hidden under each dimension. Do not underestimate this step -as soon as you finish it, the characteristics of your riding style will be displayed in the right column. Bear in mind real figures even in this setting and with the help of verbal characteristics place the cursor on the text that most characterizes you. The AMBITIONS, EXPERIENCE and FLEXIBILITY setting influence the consequent calculation of your sitting position. You can rank yourselves to a category from Hobby to Profi on a colour bar. When the setting is finished, move on to the next step.

 3COMPONENTS: in the right part of the page you can see the summary of what you have chosen and what is recommended to you. The calculating algorithm has set, on the basis of entered figures, the optimal point of seat and handlebars and it has counted a proper stem and handles length. It is up to you if you alter the recommended figures or not, but we recommend you to stick to the calculation especially if you are a layman. On the Components site, start by choosing the price range and the recommended bike set that will be displayed in the right half of the screen. You can adjust the recommended set; you can replace the single parts for others with the help of a drop-down bar, which displays supplementary charge or deductions arising from changing options. If you are not sure which component to choose, use a short description, which is displayed in the right part at the change of a part, or choose a bike set that we recommended you. If you have chosen a bike and you agree with price, go to next page.

4. FRAME SIZE: you can choose from three frame options in the upper-left corner of this page 

  • Standard size – we offer standard frame sizes at each model (e.g. road bikes from size 48 cm to 64 cm – each size differing by 1 cm.) You can download their geometry in a well- arranged table HERE. At this choice, we reach an optimal sitting position with the help of standard size. The input parameters, which you entered in step 2. BODY are calculated. STANDARD SIZE option is designated for cyclists with conventional body who follow the statistic average of the European population. Even this option enables a wider entering. If you know the height of you seat on the current bicycle and if you are satisfied with it, you can enter this figure into the corresponding box. It is also possible to adjust the position of handlebars by changing the number of pads within the headset and with the help of length and angle of stem. You can se the visual changes in the right part of the screen where the sitting position is visualised according to the figures you entered.


  • Tailor-made frame – this option is intended for cyclists with a body irregularity (long legs, short arms etc.) and it is not possible to reach their optimal sitting position by choosing the standard frame size. Length dimensions of the frame are adjusted and the sitting position is optimised according to the measuring done in step 2. BODY. The geometry of the frame is adjusted to fit your body and therefore you can also make use of a possibility to tune up the frame optically by setting the sloping with a scroll bar. You can change the position on the bike from comfortable to sporting in the limit of +-15% from the recommended setting depending on your feeling. If you feel that your sitting position is not optimal, go back to step 2. BODY and check that you have entered all data determining the calculation of an optimal position on the bike correctly. By changing the input parameters, recommended figures are recalculated incessantly and the product is visualised in the right part of the screen.


  • Personal entering of the data – we strongly caution you NOT to use this option unless you have experience with frames building or unless you are a designer. This option is designated strictly to professionals in cycling who know the exact geometry setting of their frame. It is very easy to make a mistake at this point, which goes on your account in this case.


5ACCESSORIES: we offer four most frequently bought parts to a given model on this site. If you are interested in other accessories, you can choose them on a corresponding site – see the main upper menu CLOTHING ANDACCESSORIES.

SUMMARY of order – confirms the chosen parts in the single steps of Bike Designer. If you find something strange, go back to the required site and adjust the parameter according to your wish; if you agree with all given parameters, finish your order.

SHOPPING BASKET: Your goods will be displayed in the shopping basket and you will finish the remaining administrative operations, which are necessary for paying and delivering the bike in the next steps. The administrative operations include filling in the delivery and billing address, contact information, payment method (transfer payment, cash on delivery, cash, by credit card) and delivery method. Normal delivery time is 4 weeks from the time of your order. Items in ACCESSORIES section are mostly in stock and we normally despatch them within 24 hours. Upon sending your order you will receive an email confirming that we have accepted your order.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of any doubt at +420 377 243 512. We are ready to supply you with technical, professional and administrative help.

Thank you for your shopping.
Your DURATEC team

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