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Developement Centre Duratec

We have built a new development centre of our company and purchased the most up-to-date technologies thanks to the programme  " Development Centre DURATEC ". We gained the financial aid from the project Potential from the Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

The uniqueness of the project itself and the appreciated fact that Duratec, as a manufacturer in the field of cycling, has not moved neither their development nor production abroad preceded the positive evaluation on the part of the EU.

A strategy like this set by Duratec offers many competitive advantages. One of them is a newly developed AFCF technology for processing high-modulus carbon fibres. So the aim of the project and development centre is exactly given! The aim is to develop new manufacturing processes and technologies that will continue moving the global borders of technical possibilities of bicycles at carbon as well as at aluminium frames. Our priority is to develop whole carbon frames made of unidirectional carbon fibres.