2006-2010 — Historie — Duratec



A new alu-carbon mtb model Rass C1 enters the scene in 2006. It is made with the help of the same technology as the road model Heroine CR1. Duratec improves its manufacturing equipment and moves all offered models one level higher when they purchase a new CNC machine tool. The new conception of sub-constituent frame elements, new manufacturing technologies and design of products are perceived extremely positively by the customers. The success of the brand and marketing is emphasized by a newly concluded cooperation with Ján Svorada who uses both above-mentioned alu-carbon bike models.

Rass CC1

The year 2007 is innovative mainly in mtb models. A new model Canner CC1 with an elastic carbon element integrated in the rear part is developed thanks to the mastery of carbon fibres processing on the grounds of the models developed in the previous years. The product is in the spotlight of the media and customers. The fruitfulness of the year 2007 is emphasized when Ján Kopka wins Iditarod 07 which is considered to be the most difficult race in the world.  A frame specially designed into Alaska’s extreme conditions was developed for him.

The year 2008 is a turning point for the company. Unique solutions for building bicycles e.g. in the fields of processing composite materials, processing aluminium, production and technologies used are developed. Hasty time requires quick reactions to the market requirements. Demands on the equipments increases, competition producing its articles with the help of cheap manpower in Asia and therefore for lower price grows possibilities of import from Asia spread and the development innovative loop narrows for one year. Bicycle producers try to simulate the speed of development of the automotive industry. It is necessary to move the company one step ahead. Duratec makes an application for the grant given by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Money is used for purchasing development equipment (for more information see part PROJEKTS). Thanks to the preciseness of its intention it is allowed to start Development centre DURATEC project. Thanks to this fact development laboratory is equipped and new premises for development are built. A revolutionary technology AFCF (for more information see part TECHNOLOGY) and a prototype of Cult CR3 model are he first results. The project is finished in 2010. 

The year 2009 – a strategic decision of executive directors Kateřina Duchková and Milan Duchek for Duratec Company is made. They decide to sell product straight to the customer and quit the “old-fashioned” chain “producer – retail – customer”. This was one of the riskiest steps in the history of the company! To get down to a completely new way or to stick to the conventional sales strategy? The start was very difficult, mentally demanding, businessmen were outraged, but after balancing in 2010 it was satisfactory.  After several years we can state that the decision was perfectly timed and right. 

The year 2010 started with a media bubble about the financial crisis. For many companies it meant a state of depression, but for Duratec it was an impulse to star working vigorously. Turning to the international trade and its expansion, searching for new opportunities and an effort to be ready.