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2011 - till TODAY

The year 2011 is one of the most successful ones regarding the number of sold complete bicycles and the number of frames produced for export. Thanks to high demand, the company focused mainly on the increase of the capacity of production and lowering the supply dates to optimal bounds. 

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2012 was the year of Olympic and Paralympic games in London. They were definitely the biggest and the most watched event of the year. We were preparing particularly for the Paralympic games in which Jiří Ježek took part in several disciplines. We were tailoring the frame geometry, components and final seating. The results of the 2012 Paralympic games lived up to our expectations – Jiří won gold medal in time trial and silver medal in pursuit! Congratulations to Jiří for perfect representation of our brand. We were together in Sydney, Athens, Beijingand in London! Let’s keep his fingers crossed and maybe we will make it in Rio in 2016.

We also made two foreign projects and more than half of products we made were intended for export. As for our turnover, internal trade was strengthened and higher number of complete bicycles was sold. There was higher interest in buying individual frames. We attribute this fact to our newly-launched websites where customers can choose components according to their wishes by means of configuration tool.

The year 2013 – at the end of the previous year we launched a new export project which has been flooding our production since the start of the year. The Research and Development department works at full speed and there is a lot to expect at the end of this year. Exhibition For Bikes where new results of our development from 2012 will be shown is planned for the first half of the year - it will take place on 7 April in Letňany in Prague.